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The Butterfly
  I found a fruit shaped like a butterfly the day before yesterday, when I walked on a street full of fallen leaves with him.  The butterfly is happiness.

They vibrate, appear, influence, and vanish in the transparent gap between sky and ground. They create the chinks. I saw the real wings it has, which is what I truly desire.

I carefully pinch the wings with two fingers, I feel my temperature through the powdered wings. I never feel so close to myself. I trembled uncontrollably at the critical point due to great fear and happiness, and the wings finally melt on my fingertips and turned into a wisp of smoke. However, what I found is just the seed of the tree.
  Have you seen the butterfly dancing in the sun? They miraculously keep reflecting the light and absorbing it. The color is provoked. Their move is tugging my heart. What the real power to make space in the dense world is the butterfly’s dangerous dance that I have seen. It invades me.

The hope, time, fear, desire ,all the elements I saw on the butterfly tightly covered my mouth and nose. I am suffocated. I have a fever now.
  I always saw the erotic in life. How life plays people and plays itself like the butterfly always does. Roland Barthes said about connivance“I wink,I blink ,I close my eyes.”The thousands of baby butterflies are given birth constantly in the spring , from one short-time life to thousands of short-time life. I close my eyes, I hear the trembling sound of butterflies keep growing and growing.

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