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BA Oil painting,  Xian Academy of Fine Art (Sep/2016-Jul/2020)

MA Sculpture,  Royal College of Art (Sep/2020-Jul/2022)

Reward and practice:

Jul/2022 “Fill Your Cup” Group show

01 Hopkins Street, London, W1F 0HS

May/2022 “Wild Stone” published group art book

Be collected by Tate Britain, Freud Museum in London

Mar/2022 “We won’t stop showing” Group show
Set Woolwich, London

Jul/2021 “First Impression” Group show
Safe house1&2, London

Apr/2021 "There was a pond of yore, Of silence and of peace, Amis the froth a leap rang of its spark, Of water and of life." Group Show
Yell Space, Shanghai, China

May/2021 Work in Progress Show
Royal College of Art, London

Nov/2020 Walking City: Xian, online event

Nov/2020 The 53rd Anniversary Exhibition
Southwark Park Gallery, London

Jul/2020 Graduation Show
Xian Academy of Fine Arts, Xian

2019 Outstanding student leaders
Xian Academy of Fine Arts

2018 Second Class Student Scholarship
Xian Academy of Fine Arts


Wenyi is an artist and curator, based in London and Shanghai.
She desires to fulfill her self-meaning to remark this world. In her works, she sometimes sees herself as a broken eel trapped in paraffin, and sometimes treats the red watermelon as part of her body. She adores finding inspiration for her own life by studying the patterns of other beings. She intensely experiences her growth as a bystander silently bears the shaping of the outside world, and achieves deep resistance by treating her life as a part of the work.
  Her work, “Rain is the Rain, Rain is Everything”, is not only a generalization of the outside world beyond the front line but also a reflection of her emotions.
  In the year of the covid-19 outbreak, Wenyi was in the hardest-hit region of China and felt the out-of-control and crazy side of the world. She began to pay attention to the breathing and heart in this storm and tried to find a space of “emptiness” through meditation. Satya Narayan Goenka once said, “Since the truth has been told, ‘discipline, meditation, wisdom’ is the final answer, the more important thing is experience.” For her, creation is her best way of experiencing.

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