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The time is so long, you can get to know what the earth is like in the same minute, in the groggy, passing by the water. Eternity. Time is confusing. Time is too short. When you think and feel in this second, the time has instantly disappeared in the thought process. No one can achieve one day, three days, ten days. , To feel it as if to feel an unforgettable, painful, and happy moment, they are widely the twinkling light of the twinkling stars in the black sky. Your gaze. Investigate yourself, these stars are your time, all your time.
How did the child become the gray-haired old man? It's time, it's magic. It is constantly beginning and ending. It says it is endless and your life is limited. , Your hatred, makes you walk into the void, but in the time of yesterday, you can never have it.

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