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Aug. 2021


It is undeniable that sometimes the process of making a sculpture is giving something life but also killing the original idea at the same time. The limit of material restricts the pace of thinking. Everything starts to lose control when people put the idea into reality. The active metal block can’t stop having a violent chemical reaction with the outside world. The air, the time, the sociology, the economy, the critics, the gallery, the social media… As an object, the sculpture loses the daily utility and obtains too much attention and thinking. An awkward situation occurred. It cannot be used or eaten .it can only be watched.


The sculpture is lonely, no matter where it stands. Because it gets too close to daily necessities, but can never reach. By erasing their value, they have completed new utility through accumulation. The artist's lives are also be weaved in. It is the most closet way for human beings to be involved in the outside world. We try to get the triumph in the war with the time by making arts. But no matter Sculpture or humans lives will always lose.


For sculpture, the victory is finished by the process of being lost to time. Everything has passed by. The existence itself is a fable. When people see it ,the glimpse captured its immortal.The meaning is also shown in the meaningless.

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